I am a wife and mother of one. I started this blog in response to God’s strong conviction to share what He has taught me and how He continues to walk through these valleys with us. For the past couple of years God has brought me through some of the most desperate of valleys and showed me that the Healer is better than the healing. This is a place to talk about the struggles of chronic pain, or any invisible illness really, as I believe there is not many places where people truly have an outlet for that. I want this to be a place that spurs healthy, mutual growth as we know God does not give us these trials in vain. I know this hardship in mine and my family’s life is here to serve a purpose for the glory of God. And the same goes for you and your family. We all still have a purpose. We are conquerors. I humbly pray that we can all continue to grow to live a life that points all glory to God no matter what seasons may come.


One thought on “About”

  1. You are not just a wife and mother of one…you are a daughter to two families, a friend to many, and a leader in life. You are a strong, fearless, wonderful woman who is loving, kind, patient, and caring. Realize and believe that your struggles are shared with those who love and faith in you and your victories – no matter big or small.


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