I don’t think I will ever get my Monday Moving Music actually on Monday, but I’m trying to get closer. I came across this song last week and I have just meditated on it all day. It has been the outcry of my heart and I believe it needs to be the outcry of our church as a nation.

It is a call for us to individually come clean and purified before God as we cry out to Him. I think to often we, I, forget this important part of coming before the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Healer of nations and Savior of souls. Yes, Jesus has cleansed us of our sins and forgiven once and for all at the cross, but we need to come repenting and acknowledging the cleansing that has occurred, that has flooded over us by the power of the cross. And what a glorifying time that is, acknowledging where you have fallen so short and are so guilty, yet realizing Christ, in His magnificent grace, has made you completely holy and pure in the site of God. Let us long to grow to look more and more like the blameless bride He is coming for.

I think the chorus is by far my favorite part:

It’s the power of Your presence
That changes us
Your glory all around us
And we’re undone
You open up the Heavens
And fall afresh on us

I don’t know what more words I can add to that besides, wow! It is HIS POWER that changes us. It is His power, alone! His glory surrounding us leaves us undone and He gracefully opens up the Heavens to fall afresh on us. That is, should be, our prayer! There are so many alternative ways out there to find change, growth, help, empowerment, but we were all created to need and long for His power to change us.

The bridge of the song is my prayer for each of our hearts and for the church.

Holy Spirit… fill this heart again
Holy Spirit… burn like fire within

I pray that we individually will feel the fire of the Holy Spirit burn like a wild fire deep within us through the power of the presence of the Lord. And may the Holy Spirit fill our hearts again.

Kari Jobe never ceases to amaze me with the lyrics of her songs as being just very worshipful, honest cries out to the Lord for His glory to be felt and seen. I pray this song spreads for God’s glory, but much more than just the worship song, I pray the message behind it spreads. I know there are so many hurting in many different areas of life. Life is a rough uphill battle and sometimes it feels like you have no one fighting in your corner and no one hearing your cries. Might I encourage you to cry out to God in the midst of your storm even if it seems like “it’s just going as high as the ceiling” as people say. Fight against Satan with the word of God, the worship of God, the prayers of His people. There is supreme power in the presence of God. From the moment He made you, He fearfully and wonderfully made every part of you (Psalm 139:14) and He will complete a good (amazing) work in you (Philippians 1:6).